Elaine Freeman


“I would highly recommend Elaine for Anxiety, low mood, CBT and phobia therapy, which Elaine has been helping me with since December 2016. Elaine is very compassionate, understanding and diligent in her work and has helped me to gain skills and practices on how to cope with anxiety should it arise both now and in the future. Elaine’s practice is a lovely, safe and discrete environment which helps you to feel comfortable and more relaxed. Elaine is so passionate in her work and really helps you to get to the underlying cause of the problem enabling progress on a weekly basis. I would not hesitate to see Elaine again should I need to in the future


“Elaine has, over a short course, helped my daughter deal with anxiety and low self- esteem. She has developed skills and strategies and is growing in independence”.

Name Witheld

“Elaine has been seeing my son for the past few months. She quickly established a rapport with him despite his initial reluctance to attend. She has enabled him to express his difficulties being both empathic but professional in her approach added with a humour that he finds very refreshing. They have reached plans which he feels he has participated in and has significantly helped him.”

Dr. Curtin

“Over just a short course of equine therapy, Elaine has taught me valuable, everlasting life skills to manage anxiety and stress. Elaine’s friendly, professional and insightful approach meant she was able to promptly identify underlying causes of concern. Working with her horses gave me a renewed confidence and trust and I quickly became comfortable with exploring ways of expressing my feelings. The relaxed setting helped put me at ease from the very beginning. I am using the skills I have learnt on a daily basis and would definitely recommend Elaine for any CBT. I would not hesitate to call on her services again should the need arise in the future.”

Name Witheld

“Elaine is really easy to talk to and has taught me how to cope with life. She has given me life skills that everyone should learn”.

Name Witheld

“When I first visited Elaine I very quickly felt safe and at ease, and that I could trust her. She is very likeable, caring, competent and professional. She is a very good listener and has an ability to deeply explore matters in a gentle and compassionate way. She has a very thorough and straightforward approach, and has steered me through complicated problems in a safe, clear and directed manner, allowing me to develop successful practical strategies for dealing with troubles I had previously been experiencing on a daily basis. We have worked on very deep, ingrained issues and Elaine has been more than willing to re-visit, go over and talk around areas of particular difficulty until they seem manageable. As a result of our sessions I have gradually felt more confident and empowered within myself. I have felt encouraged and supported by Elaine along the way.”


Working with Elaine and the horses was an amazing experience for me. 

Elaine had worked wonders with my daughter previously, so I knew that she was warm, easy to talk to and professional. Initially the horses made me very nervous, but by the end of the first session I could see that working with them would be magical. They gave me an insight into myself and my family situation which has enabled all of us to change how we live, and as time passes I still reflect on my experience with them to help me when things get tough.


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