Elaine Freeman

Groups and Workshops
“Working in groups helps to normalise what you are experiencing whilst providing the opportunity to gain experience from others and equally to help others”

CBT Group

Groups of 4 young people come together to talk about their struggles and learn ways to manage their mental health whilst learning from each other, helping each other.

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EFP Group

Providing therapy together with horses and nature can be powerful in helping people manage their mental health. Groups of 4 young people will work together indoors and outdoors with the horses.
This is an amazing and different way of approaching therapy and it can also be fun!

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There are many benefits to working in groups. These include:

Opportunity to share problems

Learn you are not alone

Increase ability to socialise and make friends

Increase confidence

Feel connected to others

Feel you fit in

And with the horses

Learning opportunities from the horses

Felling calmer when around the horses

Being in nature has a calming effect allowing people to be more receptive to the work

Leading to

Normalise how you are feeling

Becoming self-aware

Understand self and why you feel the way you do

Learn to manage mental health

Become confident and good enough

Increase self-belief

Increase belief that you can cope

And with the horses

Experience a bond with a horse

Experience the feeling of wellbeing from being around animals and nature, learning how to replicate this in daily life


Becoming self-aware is fundamental to good mental health; without this nothing can change.

In this 2-hour workshop I will be assisted by my horses to teach young people what is going on for them in their minds and bodies and to make sense and manage what they notice.

The goals are:

  • For you to understand yourself better. How your body and mind work together and give you information.
  • Recognise when your body is telling you something.
  • Ability to make sense of it.
  • Learn to think about what you are thinking about.
  • Begin to question what is going on.

Other workshops are available following on from Becoming Self-Aware.

These are to provide an understanding of what you are experiencing and to teach skills to help you manage the symptoms.

  • Anxiety Workshop
  • Depression and Low Mood Workshop
  • OCD Workshop
  • Self-Care Workshop
  • Self Esteem and Confidence Workshop

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